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Since bursting onto the art scene in 2007, Bortusk's happy, childish, neon, silly work has been appearing on streets and gallery walls around the world, with the sole purpose of trying to brighten up the viewers day. Bortusk calls his style 'Art Comedy', but sometimes he's the only one laughing if we're being honest.

Bortusk Leer

The Monster Bomber Jacket

Bortusk is super happy to announce the launch of the Birdie B leather bomber jacket,
made in collaboration with Werner Christ.


Bortusk hits the Streets


The man behind the myth

Apparently born under a super full moon sometime in the last century in a country too difficult to pronounce, let alone spell. Not much is known of his early years, other than they are shrouded in the deepest of secrets.

Some say he was raised in a traveling circus, others that he is an aristocrat of Slovenian heritage, that was never seen in public without sporting a top hat and silver tipped walking cane.

Rumour has it that he is now 98 years old and used to associate with the greatest minds of his age. Then again others think he's just some bloke from England who likes to paint ridiculous amounts of bright coloured art.


Sreet Monsters

Bortusk has even created a television series for Children's BBC.

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